The spiral is the most widespread shape in nature. When left alone, energy tends to move, grow and balance as spirals. From galaxies to strands of DNA, the spiral is a timeless glyph of nature’s design alphabet.

Our lives move in a continuous spiral. It spirals upwards, downwards, inwards and outwards; and at other times, it remains in a holding pattern circling around the same concerns day after day.

So if it is our destiny to live in a constant spiral, why not spiral upward … Ascend? As souls living the human experience, our goal here on Earth is to learn and reach new levels of enlightenment. Ascension is our ultimate achievement.

Think of the times when you took a class or a workshop and you learned something new that inspired you to make some changes in your life. You rose up. What about that amazing person you spoke to at a gathering or party that uplifted your spirit and you had one “aha moment” after the next? You left that gathering on a higher level than when you arrived. Maybe it was a book you read or a television show you watched that shifted your thinking and raised your vibration. Perhaps you were driving in your car or taking a hike and you came upon something so beautiful it took your breath away. You had to stop dead in your tracks and be 100% in that moment. You not only saw the magnificence of it but you could taste it, smell it, hear it, feel it on every level. You became a part of it in that moment. You connected in a way that reminded you that you are as spectacular as each and every incredible person, place or thing you are surrounded by because we are all joined as one. We are all in this together, spiraling upward…rising up, ascending to new heights.

What is Spiral Ascension – Center for Mind, Body and Spiritual Transformation?

♥      Spiral Ascension is that space where you can come and take a class, a workshop or join a retreat weekend in which your mind expands and absorbs new information that heals your heart and spirals you upward.

♥      It is a place in which you can surround yourself with like minded people whom will share their stories and knowledge with you as you will with them. Together you will rise up.

♥      It is a beautiful 5 ½ acre piece of Mother Earth on which you can walk or sit in silence and meditate…go inward and ascend. Perhaps you would like to rest your head on a hammock on a secluded knoll by a small pond, stand beside the wetlands and experience the sites and sound or the animals and plants that live there, walk through the woods and connect with the trees, sit on an ancient stone wall or explore the 187 year old barn and connect with the ancestors that build them. At night, bond with people around a bonfire for some drumming, dancing, singing, laughing and raising of energy as we spiral upward together.

♥      Pitch a tent during a retreat weekend and enjoy the fireflies and peepers during the summer nights. Or set up an air mattress in Friendship House and chat with others until sleep takes you under her cozy wings.

Let’s nurture our souls and rise up together.


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