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Angel Smiles01T. Angel Cherney-Haring

Founder of Spiral Ascension, Angel is an professional artist who uses a variety of mediums. Her works reflect her connection with nature and her spiritual path. Angel is a  New York State Certified Art Educator and Certified Art Therapist. As an art educator she works with both adult education and children ranging from ages 3 – 17. She has taught ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, computer graphics, fashion design, jewelry making, advertising design, etc.

As an art therapist Angel facilitates holistic and spiritual retreats and workshops for individuals seeking to learn more about themselves and their life journey.  She has worked with a variety of populations including healthy adults on a spiritual path, mentally and emotionally challenged adults and children, imprisoned adults and alcohol/drug recovery patients.

 Angel currently works with clients, one-on-one, doing Chakra Balancing, Energy Work and Chromotherapy (the use of colored light) for holistic healing and stress reduction. She as an innate ability to connect with an individuals life force and strongly believes those connection bring about an ascension of spirit. Angel creates chakra jewelry that is charged during the session (optional).

You can reach Angel through this websites contact page, Spiral Ascension Facebook Page or call her at 845-783-7419.